Learn the recipe of Kathiawad's famous woven bales, curry sauce and papaya soup.

Gujarati means that the rhinoceros is fond of eating, the monsoon has started and the heat is hot when the rains are on and the fun of eating knotted bales is something different. Many people go out to eat woven bales and nappies. But if you find something to eat at home like woven beds, then it might be fun to eat more.

So today we will tell you the recipe of woven bales which looks exactly like the famous woven bales of Kathiawar. So let's find out.
Necessary material for bales

Gram flour
Seasoned Peppers
Spoon hinge
Horn oil
Baking soda
According to the salt taste.

Sauce making ingredients

Gram flour
Green chilli (into small pieces)
According to the salt taste

Papaya soup

Green chillies
A little hinge.

Method of making bales

To make the bales, first put the chickpeas in a pot.
Then add salt, hing, pepper, baking soda and groundnut to it,
Then add a little water to this and we have to tighten it. Tell us that in the beginning, the flour will stick to the hand but if we sprinkle it well a few times, the flour will be gone according to that size.
Sprinkle some oil on it, sprinkle it a few times, and after about 10-15 minutes, our flour will be ready. Then the flour will become hard and it will not stick in our hands anymore. Now the woven knots are to be prepared.

Then fry the oil in a pan for frying. At this time the gas is kept in medium to heat the oil. Now take one luo from the flour that has been made and oil it and roll it into thin and long circles.
Then we have to wrinkle it in, weight the arm outwards and pull it back inwards, so the woven will fall into it. This way all the bales of flour are to be weighed.

After the oil is heated, take the bundles woven in it and fry them. When these nodes are inflamed, let them slow down the gas
Then fry it until the color of the node changes slightly. It does not need to be browned, after the knots have been well fried, remove them and slowly re-heat the gas for a few minutes to allow all the nodes to fry in such a manner.

Then add a little hinge and comb in the gathia. Serve with a few fried chillies and a little salt woven over it and you can serve it with sauce as well.

Method of making sauce

To make it, first we have to mix the chickpea flour with water and mix it with a hand grinder.
Then put the oil in a pan to heat it. As the oil is heated, we will add rye to it, if the rye is done, then add the chickpea flour mixture that we have made.
Then add the rest of this content. After adding the ingredients, shake it and let it boil for 5 minutes.
Stir it occasionally, after 5 minutes, we check the sauce and if it is thin, let it still warm 2-3 minutes.
After 7 to 8 minutes our sauce will be ready and we have used the basin, so when we get the sauce cool, it will thicken.
Turn off the gas and drain it in a bowl and serve it with a woven knot.

How to make papaya soup

To make a papaya flavor, first peel off the papaya and then grate it. It is important to take special care that these seeds are not present.
Then heat oil in a pan. The oil is heated so it has to be rinsed. Once the rye is done, add turmeric, asafoetida, and chopped chilies.
Then after the chilli is fried, add the papaya that we have kept in the grate and mix it up.
Then add some salt as per the taste. Do not use red chilli in this mixture. Then add some sugar and mix well.
After a few shakes she is ready and has to take it in a bowl


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