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Learn the recipe of Kathiawad's famous woven bales, curry sauce and papaya soup.

Gujarati means that the rhinoceros is fond of eating, the monsoon has started and the heat is hot when the rains are on and the fun of eating knotted bales is something different. Many people go out to eat woven bales and nappies. But if you find something to eat at home like woven beds, then it might be fun to eat more.
So today we will tell you the recipe of woven bales which looks exactly like the famous woven bales of Kathiawar. So let's find out.
Necessary material for bales
Gram flour
Seasoned Peppers
Spoon hinge
Horn oil
Baking soda
According to the salt taste.
Sauce making ingredients
Gram flour
Green chilli (into small pieces)
According to the salt taste
Papaya soup
Green chillies
A little hinge.
Method of making bales
To make the bales, first put the chickpeas in a pot.
Then add salt, hing, pepper, baking soda and groundnut to it,
Then add a little water to this and we have to tighten it. Tell us that in the beginning, the flour will s…

If you eat this thing with chickpeas, you will have wonderful benefits, men will get double benefit

- Wheat and chickpeas are full of protein. Whose intake

- Eating pellets with chickpeas increases the body's metabolism, thus reducing obesity.
- Eating roasted chickpeas every day eliminates chronic leprosy.
- Intake of roasted chickpeas gets rid of urinary diseases. Those who have frequent urinary problems should consume intake every day.
- Eating with roasted chickpeas contamination eliminates the thinness of the sperm and reduces the semen. If a man's sperm is thin then eating chickpeas will provide relief.
- Eating roasted chickpeas with honey eliminates impotence and increases masculinity.
- Eating roasted chickpeas every morning will reduce weight and reduce obesity. This is beneficial to melt excess fat from the body.
Mixing roasted chickpeas and molasses keeps the body warm.
- It contains potassium which helps it to prevent heart disease like heart attack.
- Round and chickpeas contain rich amounts of fiber which leaves the digestive tract to eat and also leads to co…

Only a single plant will cure the most debilitating diseases, so there are many benefits, just one click

In Sanskrit it is called shatupushpa, because it has hundreds of yellow flowers. And what we're talking about here is bed. The dried vegetables are eaten. Bed is bitter, pungent, warm, appetizing, proper digestive of food, lubricating, beneficial to the heart as well as air and respiratory. It should be said that Suva is a supreme loser, ignites gastrointestinal and is mild to digest.

Bedding plants 3 to 6 feet tall are found everywhere in India. It is also cultivated a lot. According to Ayurveda, this fragrance is slightly bitter and bitter in taste, irritable, beneficial to the heart, digestive, hot, airtight, enhances urine volume as well as cough, worms, acne, aphrodisiacs and air disorders. Suva is very useful for breastfeeding, improving digestion and destroying germs.
That is to say, whole bedding is very beneficial to the stomach.
૧. Half a pound of spoonfuls of dried ginger with one teaspoon of sugar can be consumed by chewing gum, abdominal cramps, indigestion, anorexia …