Ncert solution science class 7 ch 3 fibre to fabric

ncert solution science class 7.

 Here detailed solution of ncert book class 7 ch 3 science book in english.fibre to fabric.

 questions 1 to 5.

Q 1.Youmust be familiar with the following nursery rhymes:-
Answer the following questions:
(a) Wool is obtained from fibers (hair) of sheep hair.
(b) The white wool of the lamb refers to the white color of the sheep.

Q 2. The silk worm is (a)a caterpillar (b)a larva. 
Choose the correctoption:
(i)a (ii)b (iii)both a and b (iv)neither a nor b

Answer: (iii)

Q 3.Which ofthe following does not yield wool?
(i)Yak  (ii)Camel  (iii)Goat  (iv)Woolly dog
Answer: (iv)

Q 4. 
What is meant by the following terms?
(i) Rearing:- To obey means to help someone grow up.

(ii) Shearing:- It is the process of removing wool with a thin layer of skin from the body of sheep.

(iii) Sericulture: Sericulture refers to the silk worms to obtain silk.

Q 5.Given below is a sequence of step in the processing of wool.Which are the missing step? Add them. 
Answer: scouring, picking of burrs, dying of fibres, making of yarn.

questions 6 to 9.

Q 6.Make sketche of the two stage in the life history of the silk moth which are directly related to the productions of silk.
Answer: by self

Q 7.Out of the following which arethe two terms related to silk production? 
Answer: Sericulture, moriculture

Q 8. Match the following:-
      Column I                           Column II 
(i) scouring ---------------    cleaning sheared skin.
(ii) mulberry leaves ---   food of solk worm.
(iii) yak -----------------------  wool yielding animal.
(iv)cocoon------------------  yield silk fibres

Q 9.Given below is a crossword puzzle based on lesson.Use hint to fill in the blank space with letter that complete the words.


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