Ncert solution of class 7 ch 7 .weather climate and adaptation of animals to climate

Ncert solution class  7 ch 7.Weather, Climate and Adaptations of Animals to Climate

Get here details solution of ncert book of class 7 ch all answer.

Class 7 book

questions 1 to 5.

Q 1.Namethe elements that determine the weather of a place.
Answer:Elements that determine the location of a place are the temperature, humidity, precipitation and wind speed.

Q 2.Whenare the maximum and minimum temperature likely to occur during the day?
Answer:The maximum temperature of the day occurs in the afternoon, while the minimum temperature is in the morning.

Q 3.fill in the blanks:-
Only Answer:
(ii)hot and dry
(iii)the polar region and the tropical region.

Q 4.indicateThe type of climate....
(a)Moderately hot and wet
(b)hot and wet
(c)hot and dry 

Q 5.Whichof the two changes frequently, weather or climate?

questions 6 to 12.

Q 6.write the following are some of the characteristics of animals:-
Only answer:
(i)tropical rainforest
(ii)polar region
(iii)polar region
(iv)tropical rainforest
(v)tropical rainforest
(vi)polar region
(vii)polar region
(viii)tropical rainforest
(ix)tropical rainforest
(x)tropical rainforest

Q 7.The tropicals rainforests has a large population of animals.Explain why it is so?
Answer:The atmosphere of tropical rainforest is generally hot and humid with hot showers. These hospitable climatic conditions support the vast population of plants and animals.

Q 8.Explain with example, why we find animal of certain kind living in particular climatic condition.
Answer:Some types of animals can be found in special climatic conditions because they can adapt well to those conditions. For example, a polar bear is optimized for polar areas. To keep it warm in cold conditions, it has a thick skin and a layer of fat. However, with these adaptations, it will not be possible to survive in the tropical zone where it is hot. Similarly, a monkey is adapted to live in the forest, which has facilities like long and strong tail, loud sound, etc. These facilities have no significance in polar regions where there is very little vegetation. Therefore, some types of animals live only in some climate conditions.

Q 9.Howdo elephant living in the tropical rainforest adapt itselfs.
Answer:An important and widely found animal elephant is an Indian tropical rainforest. The conditions of this area have been significantly improved. Some customizations are as follows.
(i) It uses its trunk as a nose so that it has a strong sense of smell.
(ii) Its trunk is also used for food.
(iii) Its tusks are used to tear the tree bark. It can eat the bark of the tree.
(iv)the sole of their feet are covered with thick pads. These pads can handle their heavy weight. They also stop the sound so that elephants can go quietly.
(v) It has strong sense of hearing in its big ears.

Q 10.choose the right amswer...
Only answer:(iv)Tropical rainforest.

Q 11.Whichfeature adapt polar bears to live in extremely cold climate?
Only answer:(i)a white fur,fat below skin,keen sense of smell.

Q 12.Which.options best describes a tropical region?
Only answer:hot and humid.

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