Ncert solution class 7 science ch 8 Winds, Storms and Cyclones

ncert solution class 7 science ch 8.

Get here detail solution of ncert book solution of class 7 science ch 8.
Science book

question 1 to 5.

Q 1.Fill the missing word...
(d)high and low

Q 2.Suggests two method to find out wind direction at a given place.
Answer:There are two ways to know the direction of the wind.
(i) When flying a kite, the air puts pressure on the kite, due to which the kite flies. The direction in which the kite flies is the direction of flying air.
(ii) When riding a bicycle, the direction in which it is difficult to ride is contrary to the direction of air blowing.
Therefore, while riding a kite or riding a bicycle, the direction of wind can be determined in a given place.

Q 3.Statetwo experiences that made you think that air exerts pressure.

Answer:We have experienced that when we fly a balloon, the balloon becomes tight. If we try to fill more air, the balloon will explode to some degree. This is because air pressure puts.
When we fly at a high speed, we have also experienced the movement of the windows and doors of window windows. This also happens because the air exerts pressure.

Q 4.Youwant to buy a house.would you like to buy a house having windows but no ventilators? 

Explain your answer.
Answer:A house in which there are windows but no ventilator should be purchased. This is because hot air is light compared to cold air and therefore, it goes up. This hot air can mostly go through outdoor ventilators. If there are no ventilators, then hot air can not be easily removed.

Q 5.Explainwhy holes aremade in hanging banners and hoardings.

Answer:Air presses. The air blowing in high speed can break or displace many things. If holes in hanging banners and billboards are made, the wind can pass through these holes, which reduces the air pressure imposed on the banner and hoarding. This is why holes are made in hanging banners and hoarding.

question 1 to 9.

Q 6.Howwill you help your neighbours in case cyclone approache your village/town?
Answer:In the case of cyclone neighbors should be helped in the following ways.
(i) Helping to go to cyclone shelters and other safe places.
(ii) By asking them to take the necessary steps to transfer animals, vehicles and household goods to safer places.
(iii) Call upon emergency services like police, firefighters and medical centers when required.

Q 7.Whatplanning is required in advanceto deal with the situation created by a cyclone?

Answer:The following plan is needed to deal with the situation created by a cyclone.
(i) Facilities for cyclone prediction and forecasting which may already warn the cyclone.
(ii) Quick information and communication relations, through which information can spread rapidly.
(iii) Construction of cyclone shelters and arrangements to transfer people to safer places for safety during cyclone.

Q 8.Whichof the following place is unlikely to be affected by a cyclone?

Answer :amritsar

Q 9.Which of thestatements given below is correct?

Answer:(i) In winter the wind flow from the land to the ocean.

The end...


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